Go Little Sparrow

Monday, February 28, 2005

Island Road 1-3

You can find these poems at the online magazine Mudlark. If you'd like to read along, the sequence starts here.

Messy Little Medley

I've been playing this on my porch steps, here in Little Rhody, late at night, in the summer, for years & years. How nice it is to be... HERE!

Eye On You

another from Henry's Closet Tapes

Can It Be (Take 1)

something new (roughest of rough cuts)

Saturday, February 26, 2005


the redwing is a marsh bird with a distinctive reedy call


cf. Spider John Koerner version

So Far Away

mood music

Ride On Little Darlin'

ride on as you go

Gypsy Bells

another from my old tape recorder

Go Little Sparrow

HG on guitar, harmonica, vocals. Hibbing's got nothin' on me (I'm from Hopkins).

cf. Venerable Bede.